Farm Entry

Hours of Operation

The farm is currently under the ecological restoration stage, and therefore the hours of operation may vary. If you want to come by for a visit, please call in advance to avoid any disappointments.

Ticket Policy

No refunds/returns available once a ticket is sold.

Entry to the farm is only available to ticketholders. Every ticket is limited for the use of one person on the date the ticket is issued. If a ticket is lost, Wuliu Farm will not reissue another ticket. If you need to leave the premise of the farm and re-enter, please register with the service staff prior to leaving the premise and re-entry shall be granted when you come back at a later time.

Any ticket that does not have a serial number nor consist of the official ticket stamp will be deemed as a voided ticket; in such case entry is not allowed.


In the event of force majeure (such as typhoons or power outages… etc.), the farm may be closed, guests should be aware of any changes by checking the latest updates through the ticket counter, Wuliu Farm Official Website, or Fan Page on Facebook prior to coming in.

Wuliu Farm is an open space, and therefore the occurrence of mosquito bites is possible. We recommend guests prepare appropriate preventive measures beforehand. Wuliu Farm consists of ecological ponds and natural streams, guests should watch over and take care of their own children to avoid any mishap. If any violation of policies, trespassing of prohibited areas, or failure to abide by the instructions given by the service staff takes place, aside from failing to perform obligatory monitoring duties, Wuliu Farm shall not be held liable for any damages or loss which may have occurred.

Wuliu Farm welcomes all guests to take photos with your camera or cellphones to preserve the experience of being at Wuliu Farm. However, please be aware that the preservation of all living creatures, plants, and beautiful natural environment on the farm requires all of our collaborative participation. Please do not intentionally or unintentionally cause harm to this land, thank you for your cooperation.

Wuliu Farm strictly prohibits the casting or spilling of any sort of dust-like materials. Additionally, any activity related to the setting off of firecrackers/fireworks, slinging fireballs/flames, or releasing sky lanterns is strictly prohibited as well.

Wuliu Farm strictly forbids the presence of any dangerous/hazardous materials, such as: knives, guns, glassware, chemical materials, poisonous materials, flammable materials…etc.

Wuliu Farm is a public space; therefore smoking, drinking, and chewing betel nut is prohibited in all areas. Wuliu Farm strictly prohibits all camping/barbequing/outdoor picnic activities. Such prohibition measures are executed to prevent the destruction of the natural ecological environment that the farm offers.