Reminiscing of my childhood, I dreamt of life in the vast fields, loving the beautiful scenery of the forests and the streams that nature offers. As a result, from very early on, I had already set my eyes on entering any fields relating to art, design and construction, eventually extending my interests to gardening, landscaping and interior design/decoration.

After experiencing the Jiji Earthquake that occurred on September 21st, 1999, I discovered that there were a huge amount of precious driftwoods (Five Logs of Taiwan: Taiwan Red Cypress, Taiwan Cypress, Taiwan Incense Cedar, Luanta-fir, and Cryptomeria-like Taiwania) that were not being utilized to its full extent, which is actually quite a shame. For this reason, I crossed over to the field of cut wood utilization in the hopes of making the best use of every material, as well as elevating the different usage levels of these precious logs. Through extracting essential oils from these logs and producing handmade soap from essential oils, every bit of the material is put to good use.

As a Chiayi native, I had always wanted to bring honor to my hometown. Specifically, I hope to create a Tao-style garden along with my love for philosophy and religion, rather than adopting the usual European-style or Japanese style designs. By chance, I was able to acquire the ownership rights for the land of Wuliu Farm. With the encouragement from my friends, I had come up with the notion of creating Wuliu Farm. From planning and design, building and construction, to horticultural landscaping and the establishment of an ecological pond, the present day Wuliu Farm is without question a display of the hard work and effort poured in for the past 5 years.

Management Philosophy

Wuliu Farm aims to achieve a perfect integration of natural scenery and ecological restoration. Farm landscape is completed with the use of ecological engineering methods, adhering to the mode of natural circulation system, thereby allowing the farm environment to possess a complete natural ecological chain.

Wuliu Farm is dedicated to the preservation of natural environment. Therefore, in order to maintain the natural beauty of Wuliu Farm and to achieve the balance of nature, we only serve guests with reservations made.

We sincerely hope that every guest who comes to the farm can immerse oneself to what mother nature offers. Living among the beautiful forests, interacting with the crabs and fishes while bathing in the phytoncide given off by top quality logs such as the cypress and cedars, all of which provide a complete relaxation of the mind and soul, allowing one to have an in-depth experience of the philosophy of life as illustrated by the poet Tao Yunming: “When the mind is detached from worldly matter, the surroundings are naturally peaceful.”


Wuliu Farm is situated in an area covered with forests in Chiayi East District, nearby Daya Road, which is also known as Yande Boulevard of Chiayi. The entire landscape of the farm is created with eco-engineering method, with a large collection of old trees unique to Chiayi East District, including: Wax Apple Tree, Guava Tree, Sapodilla Tree, Logan Tree, Lychee Tree, Autumn Maple Tree, Orange Jessamine, Paper Flower, Formosan Sugar Palm, Jaboticaba… etc. Aside from the preservation of the old trees, which enables them to continue being a part Chiayi, we also expect the farm to become a microcosm of old trees in Chiayi East District.
The farm adopts an artificially craved imitation stone trail, which is not only pleasing aesthetically, but also consists of water permeability, allowing water to penetrate to the ground, moisturizing the vast land. Additionally, repellent crops such as lemongrass and Mt. Lemmon Marigold can be planted, which avoids the use of pesticides on the farm.

During leisure and free time, one can immerse oneself in the natural environment, interacting with the fishes and crabs in the ecological pond, or perhaps simply experience the beauty of the forest. At night, enjoy the astonishing display of fireflies while relaxing in the phytoncide-filled lodging area.

Additionally, one can experience first-hand the entire production process of handmade essential oil soap.

The farm is located nearby National Freeway 3, and therefore guests will not need to travel afar or fear of encountering landslides. As a guest, you will be able to immerse yourself in the natural environment, achieve relaxation of the body and soul.